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The History

Brand Sunvitafood engaged in procurement of raw materials and the production of dried fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan, where the special climatic conditions, the combination of fertile land, fresh air and a generous sun allow to achieve the highest yield and taste of the product quality, which is then preserved by drying.

The Wide Range of Services

Dried foods can be stored for long periods without losing the beneficial properties. Thanks to modern technology, they are saved all of the organic acids, minerals and carbohydrates in concentrated form. No harmful additives and chemicals. The output is a perfect product for health and beauty, full of generous sun of Uzbekistan.

SUNVITAFOOD offers you high-quality products from raw materials grown and processed in Uzbekistan.

We are ready to present to the market dried vegetables and top-quality fruit, which retains all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Drying – it is inexpensive and not very sophisticated way of preserving them. Canned dried fruits such great store, do not need a cool place and do not take up much space.

Dried fruit and vegetables are always in great demand among the population. In large quantities of dried fruit typically purchase food industry, schools, kindergartens, canteens, restaurants and other catering establishments.

In order to expand markets for the company is looking for companies interested in buying dried fruits and vegetables, as well as new dealers. Our company successfully works in the field of marketing and processing of agricultural products since 2014.

At factories timely upgrade equipment and establishing new production lines, manufacturers such as: «Binder» – Germany (sieving equipment), «Fam» – Belgium (for cutting root vegetables equipment), «Go`ztepe» and «Yukseltur» – Turkey ( boilers and equipment for processing of peppers), «GMG» – China (a line for drying), «Unitec» (Italy) (automatic lines for processing cherries and cherries, apples and stone fruit)

Through the use of high-tech optical sorting observed conditions, control of internal and external defects in raw material for the manufacture of products sushѐnoy.

In our disposal storage capacity of 2,000 tons and 5,000 tons capacity refrigerators, so – we are ready to ensure a stable supply, because the products are always in stock.


I’d have to say I’ve benefited from this website because I’ve tried so many Sunvita foods & vegetables and it has helped me think more healthfully. I am always looking forward to more healthy snacking in the future. Barbara