Dried Cabbage


Dried Cabbage

Evenly chopped chips, the size of at least 3 mm light yellow and light green color. Contains very little sucrose, carbohydrate, it contains almost no fat, but at the same time rich in vegetable micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Indispensable in the diet. When drying keeps all curative and taste. Necessary for proper operation of the thyroid gland, kidney, hematopoietic system for

Dryer Type: belt conveyor

Humidity: max 12%

Price: on request

Packaging: in pp bags of 10 kg

  • Good fresh vegetables and fruits, but what is not in season? What to do in terms of travel and expeditions? The yield was found davno- drying method when the process is slow, with no sharp changes in temperature, moisture is gradually evaporated by concentrating the product in vitamins and minerals