Raisins on-dzhush

Raisins on-dzhush

Raisins sultana on-dzhush (without pods)

Dried fruits grapes – one of the most common types of dried fruits. Despite the visible simplicity of manufacturing, production technology of high-quality raisins rather complicated and requires compliance with certain conditions.

Good raisins can only be obtained from the fleshy grape varieties with thin skin and high sugar content (up to 80% of revenue share in the finished raisins sugar). To achieve such performance is possible only grapes in hot sunny climates, which is why the raisins from Uzbekistan welcomed worldwide.

In 100 grams of raisins contains: Water – 15.4 g, proteins – 3,2 g, fat – 0.5 g, carbohydrates – 73.7 g, dietary fiber (cellulose) – 5.3 g
Drying Type: processed
Humidity: max 14%
Price: on request
Packaging: in boxes of 12.5 kg

  • Good fresh vegetables and fruits, but what is not in season? What to do in terms of travel and expeditions? The yield was found davno- drying method when the process is slow, with no sharp changes in temperature, moisture is gradually evaporated by concentrating the product in vitamins and minerals